Xvivo System Model X3

The Hypoxia Incubator and Glovebox Configuration of the Xvivo System model X3 is a simple but sophisticated hypoxia cell culture system. It is the most economical cell culture hood configuration available with identical incubation and handling oxygen tensions. Modular, independent controls and components deliver all essential functions, yet offer unlimited upgrade options.

Unlike bacteria glove boxes cobbed up for cells, the model X3 Xvivo system was designed for cells. It is economically competitive with all bacteria hypoxia glove boxes, but offers much more capability including active particle clearing to ISO 5. Features comfortable, soft glove sleeves as opposed to hard, uncomfortable holes. Ample head room allows for easy pipetting and use of other equipment and accessories.

Docking for remote culture chambers and transport chambers allows you to transport cells from the closed hood to other areas without risk of contamination. Expand culture capacity infinitely with this cell culture hood. Use culture chambers to receive cells from every incubator in your lab.


X3 upgrade path