OxyCycler A84XOV

Dynamic O2 Controller for Animal Modeling

  • Reproducible, dynamic O2 profiles
  • Works in any semi sealable container!
  • Runs four independent protocols simultaneously
  • Works with BioSpherix animal modeling equipment for in vivo research
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • Data logging
  • Intermittent Hypoxia In Vivo
  • Hypoxia/Hyperoxia Modeling In Vivo



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thumb achamber


Animal Cage Enclosures

thumb oxycylera84xov

OxyCycler A84XOV

Dynamic O2 Controller with Multiple Chambers

thumb OxyCycler A41OV

OxyCycler A41OV

Dynamic O2 Controller

thumb ProOx 360

ProOx 360

Static O2 Controller for Larger Volume

thumb ProOx 110

ProOx 110

Static O2 Controller

thumb OxyCycler A44C

OxyCycler A44C

Dynamic CO2 Controller

thumb ProCO2 120

ProCO2 120

Static O2 Controller

thumb ProCO2 120ppm

ProCO2 120ppm

Static CO2 ppm Controller

thumb OxyCycler A42OC

OxyCycler A42OC

Dynamic O2/CO2 Controller

thumb OxyCycler AT42CO

OxyCycler AT42CO

Dynamic CO Controller

thumb OxyCycler AT42N

OxyCycler AT42N

Dynamic NO Controller

thumb OxyCycler AT82NN

OxyCycler AT82NN

Dynamic NO/NO2 Controller

thumb safety hood

Safety Hood

Hood for Animal Chambers