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Why do we call conventional cell culture equipment People-Centric?

It seems to meet the needs of people, and has for many years.

Manufacturers of conventional incubators, hoods, glove boxes, etc. have done a good job making products that people like and buy. Most people perceive conventional laboratory appliances to be reliable, economical, good looking, convenient, and perfectly functional. For the most part, they are!

However, sometimes cells need more!

That's where we come in. Since 1976 we have been "souping up" conventional People-Centric cell culture equipment. Others soup up hot rods. We soup up laboratory appliances. We soup up incubators, glove boxes, hoods, flush boxes, etc. We got started upgrading our own equipment while working in a cell research lab.

First was a retrofit O2 controller for our CO2 incubator. We had heard bone marrow stem cells like ours grew better in a lower O2 tension (5%) than our CO2 incubator could provide (18-20%). It worked great. Colleagues started asking if we could make them one for their incubator. Turns out it fit and worked in any make and model. Soon word-of-mouth spread. Eventually requests were coming from cell scientists all over the world. Later, of course, incubator manufacturers would build the feature of O2 control into their incubators. But by then our little modular retrofitting O2 controller had successfully transformed hundreds of their CO2 incubators into O2/CO2 incubators with the O2 levels cells needed. Today thousands of CO2 incubators around the world have been upgraded. More are getting "souped up" with O2 control every day.

Next was a combined O2/CO2 controller to retrofit glove boxes. People were trying to handle and grow mammalian cells in anaerobic bacteria glove boxes. We transformed anaerobic bacteria glove chambers into incubators with gloves that could grow and handle mammalian cells. Again, word-of-mouth spread. Eventually requests were coming from cell scientists all over the world. Later, of course, bacteria glove box manufacturers would build the feature of O2/CO2 control into their glove boxes. But by then we had already transformed many bacteria glove boxes and still do today.

Then scientists started asking us to design and build all sorts of new and diverse custom upgrades. Our reputation, as specialists in souping up conventional cell culture equipment, led to many new abilities, for all sorts of new features. Curiously, and gratifyingly, many were well known scientists, top scientists. They came to us because they could not get what they needed from laboratory appliance manufacturers. They needed more than what conventional equipment could provide. Their cells needed more.

people Centric kid 1Over 20+ years we developed and delivered dozens and dozens of solutions. These all consisted of modular upgrade accessories and retrofits, for all sorts of makes and models of incubators, glove boxes, flush boxes, etc. In one way or another they all increase the functionality of basic laboratory appliances with advanced what-we-now-call Cytocentric® features. The result? No matter what equipment you may currently own, no matter what it might currently lack in functionality, you can now too meet the needs of your cells!

A few years ago, for the sake of cells, we decided to re-think and re-invent cell incubation and processing. It resulted in what most will agree is an exciting new alternative to conventional laboratory appliances, The Xvivo System®.

However, you can still provide for virtually any need your cells might have, by simply upgrading your existing People-Centric Equipment. Depending on what cell culture equipment that might be, select the corresponding icon to the right and learn about all your Cytocentric upgrade options.

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Cell Products

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Incubator Glovebox

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Incubator Subchamber

oxycycler gt4181cn thumbnail

OxyCycler GT4181CN

CO and NO Subchamber Cell Culture System

oxycycler gt4181c thumbnail

OxyCycler GT4181C

CO Subchamber Cell Culture System

oxycycler gt4181n thumbnail

OxyCycler GT4181N

NO Subchamber Cell Culture System

oxycycler gt41 thumbnail

OxyCycler GT41

Gasotransmitter Ready O2/CO2 Culture System

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Protective Vent for Incubators

oxycycler c42 thumbnail

OxyCycler C42

Dynamic O2 and CO2 Subchamber Controller

proox c21 thumbnail

ProOx C21

Compact O2 and CO2 Subchamber Controller

proox 360 thumbnail

ProOx 360

Versatile High Infusion Rate O2 Controller

proox 110 thumbnail

ProOx 110

Compact, Versatile O2 Controller

proco2 120 thumbnail

ProCO2 120

Compact CO2 Controller

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O2 and CO2 Controller for Live Cell Microscopy

Xvivo System Model x3 thumbnail

Xvivo System

X3 Hypoxia Hood and Culture Combo