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Cells are becoming too valuable to do otherwise anymore!
Your time is too!

CYTOCENTRIC™ is a new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro.  It goes beyond the needs of people, to meet the needs of cells.

If you truly value your time and your cells, discover the new Xvivo System™. It's the first and only cell culture and processing system designed from the ground up for cells. Cytocentric-by-design eliminates the handicaps inherent in conventional equipment designed for people.

Or, upgrade any conventional "People-Centric" equipment like incubators, hoods, glove boxes, etc. to meet any specific cell need. Choose from a full suite of cytocentric upgrade accessories and cytocentric retrofits for any existing equipment.

Also available is a wide variety of advanced and unique equipment for therapeutic and disease modeling in whole animals.

No cell should be left behind!  No Cyto-Career should be either!


"The Information we gain with the Xvivo System is important to our mission of developing therapies to improve patients' lives."

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine Winston-Salem, NC

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